Taking Allergies Off the Table

AllerNote. Hand One to A Waiter. You Could Save a Life.

AllerNote Food Allergy Warning Notes and Labels

Your allergies are always on your mind, especially when dining out. A relaxing evening can become clouded with doubt and worry: “Did he remember to tell them I’m allergic to nuts?” “Is she sure that my meal won’t be cooked alongside the seafood?” “Will I be able to tell right away if something isn’t right?” Even in the most professional of dining situations, overworked, distracted or inexperienced staff can cause important information like your allergies to slip through the cracks. As you’re explaining your allergy issue, the next table can be asking for water…

We’ve found AllerNotes to be of great help. Designed as an added precaution when describing your food allergies to waitstaff, they come preprinted with a particular food allergy, or with a blank space for you to fill in as needed. Simply tear off and hand one to the waiter as you explain your allergy issue. If something is distracting the waiter (and believe it, you never know!), handing him an AllerNote brings his attention back to what you’re saying. Easy to affix, remove, and reposition, AllerNotes are the extra insurance that your needs are being recognized and communicated. It’s the extra step to make sure that what’s important to you becomes important to the people charged with preparing and bringing you a healthy meal. When handed to the waiter, an AllerNote becomes something to be dealt with, not ignored.

Need a more lasting warning of certain food allergies? AllerNote Labels are semi-permanent “peel and stick” labels that easily affix to lunch boxes, thermos, notebooks, laptops, day care or medical records – anyplace that’s appropriate for bringing attention to an allergy issue. A sigh of relief for parents of children with allergies; one sticker on a lunch box keeps the child reminded and adults aware! When a Baby Ruth, a shrimp salad or a peanut butter sandwich is a no-no, an AllerNote Label is a practical additional safeguard. In addition to providing a full explanation of your allergy issue, AllerNotes can help focus on the fact that it must not be ignored.

An allergy is always on one's mind. With AllerNotes, you'll have help taking allergies off the table.

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